• I highly recommend Kristine! I have experienced her massages multiple times & find them to be therapeutic & relaxing.  If you want a professional massage experience, contact her.         J.T.
  • As a Physical Therapist, I am aware of the value a good massage brings to those with pain & muscle tension.  Kristine's massage expertise is very effective for supportive pain/tension relief.         Jan T., MSPT
  • Kristine carefully assesses her client's needs at the beginning of each appointment.  She is sensitive to those needs & skillfully applies a variety of massage techniques, keeping in touch with the client's responses throughout.  She is very sweet yet has strong hands!          Sharon K.
  • Kristine is a very, very good Massage Therapist. My body feels very good.  All of my body feels very relaxed after her massage.       Violeta B.
  • The Craniosacral massage with Kristine was very calming & relaxing.  My normally busy brain was able to release its jumble of thoughts & enter a meditative state.  I felt like I was floating the entire time.  I slept quite well afterward and woke up calm & refreshed.          John G.
  • My experience during the Craniosacral therapy session with Kristine was amazing.  It was the most relaxed I have ever been.  All my stress went away during that appointment.  I also had the best night's sleep after this session.  Kristine was able to provide insight from the way my body responded to the process, which was very informative & interesting.  Highly recommend this to others!       Marisa M.
  • I was curious about the Craniosacral Therapy offered at my workplace, as many of my co-workers had tried it & each one had very different experiences!  I scheduled a session, and it was overall an intense experience combining the inner work that occurs & the gentle external touch of another.  And that allowed me to reach an almost meditative state as well as achieve an extremely deep & lengthy slumber thereafter.        Kimberly P.
  • In the beginning of the session, I felt a lot of vibrations in my body. I had a vision of my mother, who passed away some years ago. It was very calming & settling. Kristine's touch is light but firm & very, very relaxing. She is gentle & explains very clearly. I highly recommend trying a session with her to experience her transcending touch.        Madhavi G.
  • The best massage I've ever had! Kristine really listens to each concern & shows special attention to each individual. Highly recommend for true healing.        Amanda R.
  • Kristine was great! I’ve had three massages from her, so far: primarily lymphatic drainage therapy, along with some Swedish massage and myofascial stretching. I felt renewed after each session. Just what I needed.         Chip B